Using the Class Discord

In lieu of an in-person class, we’ll be interacting with each other through an app called Discord.

Discord is a platform for text chatting, voice chatting, and screen sharing.

In particular, course office hours are held via Discord, if you are a Full Course Subscriber.
Your professor will be available for public questions, or one-on-one and small group chats by text, voice, or video.

The office hours for this class are:

Tuesday and Thursday 10am-11am PST

I will often be willing to hop on Discord and help out at other times, and I will answer text chat questions regularly throughout every day!

Join the server

When you subscribe to this class on Patreon, you will be automatically invited to the Discord server.

When you enter the server, you will be given some suggestions to get started.

We recommend you click through these - and in particular, it is probably a good idea to download the desktop version of Discord, and perhaps to install it on your phone if you wish.

Set up your account

Verify your email

To use this Discord server, you must have a verified email.

Nobody (including your professors) will be able to see this email.
This is simply to keep the server from being overrun by temporary accounts.

Create your identity

The first thing you should do is decide what name and picture you would like to use.