Git, GitHub, and R

GitHub is a site for sharing and collaborating on code, and for careful tracking of changes as you progress. As of right now, it is the best way to organize your work in R, to showcase it to employers, or to share it with collaborators.

Using Git and GitHub takes some getting used to, and can be frustrating at times even to experts. We will use it only in the most basic form in this course.

Time Estimates:
     Videos: 45 min
     Readings: 10 min
     Activities: 30 min
     Check-ins: 4

Extra Resources:

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Required Video: Intro to Git and Github

Check-In 1: Make a GitHub Account

Create an account on, if you have not already.

Ideally, your username will be related to your real name, e.g. “kbodwin” rather than “SuperKrazy2000”. However, this is not required; choose whatever username you prefer.

Check-In 2: Make a repository

Create a private repository called “Test Repo”.

Create a new text file called “My favorite”. Copy-paste your favorite quote or poem into the file.

Take a screenshot of your repository. It should look similar to 9:43 of the video.

Branches and Pull Requests

Required Video: Branching