Factors, Strings, and Dates

Time Estimates:
     Videos: 30 min
     Readings: 0-30 min
     Activities: 120 min
     Check-ins: 6


Required Video: Factors with forcats

Recommended Reading: R4DS Chapter 15: Factors

Check-In 1: Functions from forcats

Answer the questions from lecture:

  • What is the difference between fct_relevel() and fct_recode()?

  • What is the difference between fct_collapse() and fct_lump()?

  • What is the difference between fct_reorder() and fct_inorder()?

Feel free to share answers with your classmates in the Discord server, to make sure you understand.

Check-In 2: Apply your skills

In your colleges_clean dataset, adjust the REGION variable to have nicer or clearer labels and/or better categories.


Required Video: Strings with stringr

Recommended Reading: R4DS Chapter 14: Strings