Reproducibility: Directories, Data, and Deliverables

The theme of this lesson is good management of your files and data.

You will learn how to:

Time Estimates:
     Videos: 40 min
     Readings: 10-20 min
     Activities: 10 min
     Check-ins: 2

Directories, etc.

Required Video: Directories, Paths, Projects

Optional Reading: Workflow and Projects

Check-In 1: R Projects

Take a screenshot of your class directory, showing the R Project and the folder organization, including a Data folder.

Loading Data Into R

Where does my data live?

Required Video: Data Locations and the {here} package

How do I load the data?

Check-In 2: Loading Data

Question 1

What line of code did you use - including the here function - to read in ages.csv?

Question 2

What does the stringsAsFactors argument do?

Question 3

What code did you use to read in Name as a factor and Age as a character?

Bonus Question

Just for fun - did you recognize the men in this dataset?


Required Video: Details of Packages

Reproducible Deliverables

Required Video: Reproducible Deliverables in R Markdown